AS a bride, you have probably made comments like..."OMG! How much was that cake?" or "Girl.....I will make it myself." Well.....Sugar Darlins is here to help.
    We are introducing our new Simply Sugar Collection. It is a line of budget friendly wedding cakes.  All of the cakes are round in shape. You may choose from the following flavors: vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon and white almond. Your choice of fillings are buttercream, lemon curd, raspberry or strawberry.
    The designs which are pictured below are simple. You may have Dots/Simple Scroll, Ribbon, Plain with a border or Some Silk flowers. The cakes come in the sizes listed. The two prices reflect a buttercream price and a fondant price.
Tiers     Size                   Servings         Buttercream                 Fondant
2 Tier    6/9                     36-44                $85.00                         $95.00
3 Tier    6/9/12                80-100              $285.00                      $310.00
3 Tiers  8/10/12             105-118             $336.00                      $366.00
4 Tiers  6/8/10/12          120-130             $370.00                      $384.00
4 Tiers  6/8/10/14          135-152             $433.00                     $448.00
4 Tiers  8/10/12/14        175-196             $558.00                     $607.00
Choose from the 6 pictures below for the Simply Sugar Collection.

Let Sugar Darlin's Sweets and Such make it a day to remember.
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Simply Sugar Collection

     Welcome to the land of wedding cakes. Every bride has dreamed about this day since she was a child. You know......the Cinderella story. Well.....we are here to help you reach that dream. Our cakes are priced $3.00 to $3.50 per slice. There is a $35.00 delivery  fee.
We are here for you. Our goal is to make you feel at ease during this stressful time. If you want an out the box style wedding, we can provide it for you. Cupcake Weddings and Dessert tables are also available. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or call.
Wedding Cakes By Sugar Darlins